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What is the call out fee?

The call out fee is a flat fee that covers all the expenses such as fuel, kilometres, base to base, credit card surcharge, etc. With Quality Removals, you do not have any unexpected charge.

Call out fee

Do I have to pay a call out fee even if I am moving within the same suburb or same building complex?

Yes, we charge a call out fee for all the jobs performed within the Canberra and Queanbeyan area.
If the pick up or delivery point is within 2 hrs of traveling from Canberra, you will be charged for our traveling time going or coming back empty.
If your relocation involves more than 2 hrs traveling from Canberra (Pick up or delivery) please contact us directly.

How do I calculate my call out fee?

The cost of the call out fee is based on the hourly rate quoted and it is the equivalent of 30min (50%)

Is there a minimum charge for my job?

Yes, our minimum charge is for 2hrs of work plus the call out fee.

Do you charge for hour?

No, we charge blocks of 15 min increments after the 2nd hour.

If my job take more than 2 hrs, how do I know the amount I will be paying?

So, if your job takes 2 hours and 45 minutes you won’t be charged for 3hours. You just pay for 2 hours and 45 minutes plus the call out fee.
For example, we quote you $100 per hour and your job takes 2hrs and 45min. You will be paying 2.75 times $100 = $275 (that is 2hrs and 45min times the hourly rate) plus the call out fee $50 (The call out fee is 30min / 50%)

Do you have an insurance?

Yes, we have our own insurances. Public liability, workers compensation, insurance for our vehicles and etc. However, we do not assume responsibility for damages to specific items without evidence. For example, if you have a fridge and the removalists move it and you do not have any evidence of the damage happening on the move, and you call to the office the next day to tell us that your fridge was damaged during the move, we will NOT assume any responsibility.

What happens if there is evidence of the damage?

The removalists need to accept that the damage was done while they were working. Our workers are qualified and with plenty of experience but we know that no body if free of accidents. In this unlikely scenario, we will divert the claim to our insurance broker.
The fact that we use our insurance policy does not warranty that the insurance company will accept the claim. That is something you need to deal with the insurer.

What happens if I do not want to pay the account once the job is done?

You and Quality Removals have a contract. Once you accept the booking you are agreeing to pay the fee quoted. If you do not pay we will proceed to send the pending payment to our debt collector. The fee of our deb collector will be charged to the client for the inconveniences.

What is the arrival time?

Morning jobs: The time of arrival is the one settle on the booking.
Afternoon jobs: The time of arrival is an approximation as it could vary depending how the morning job goes. We will call you to let you know if there is any delay, and the driver will call you when he is on the way.

How long would it take to do the move?

The time will vary depending on how many rooms your house have. If we have to disassemble or assemble any piece of furniture. And the distance from pick up point to delivery point. We can give you an estimation but we won’t know for sure until we get there.

Can I claim a discount when the job is done if I am not happy with the service?

Once the client confirms the booking with Quality Removals, the client agrees to pay for the hours the removalist team works during the move. We don't accept complaints about how fast or efficient our team was after the job is done and we don’t make discounts based on that.
In case the client is dissatisfied with the team's assistance, it is compulsory that the client promptly notifies our office. It is only by promptly informing us of any concerns that we can address and seek a better resolution.
Please be advised that, if the client does not accept the resolution the office provides, Quality Removals reserves the right to terminate the job and charge for the hours worked from the moment the team started until they stopped.
We encourage open and timely communication to ensure the best possible relocation experience for our clients.

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